BBC Blackmails British Public

BBC Blackmails British Public

Firstly, the BBC are not content with the pouring out streams of anti-British broadcasts. Now they also want to stifle the debate. Obviously, people think that the UK is a free country. But how can we be if the BBC threatens to report the British for posting replies to their website content?

The BBC Will Shop You

Obviously, we know the BBC will have you in prison if you don’t pay them what they want. Indeed, should they not manage to extort money for the television licence, they will have you. But, there are ways of dealing with that as our information shows you. So, what exactly are the BBC going to do? Well, they want to shop you if you don’t post an appropriate comment to their content. In other words, if you are not a yes person and have a difference of opinion, they will grass you.

With the BBC being an evil anti-British corporation, what they say can’t come into question. So, if you don’t approve of their dribble then you need to post this elsewhere on the internet. Now, if you are one of the minority groups that the BBC supports, you will be fine. But for the majority, don’t dare try and challenge them.

Their policy warns people that if the corporation deems a comment to be ‘offensive, inappropriate or objectionable’ then a user could have their ‘personal information’ used against them. In fact, they want to shop you to your boss! Therefore, the BBC doesn’t believe in free speech and if you go against their agenda, you are at risk. So, isn’t it time to stop supporting Britain’s Brainwashing Corporation?


George Orwell spoke about a future like this in his 1984 book. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. On the contrary, we have social media, we have the internet and places like ours where you can speak up. But, please remember that they are watching all the time. With this in mind, push free speech to the limit but don’t break the law. Just to point out that you can never be really anonymous on the internet. In fact, should you go against the anti-British BBC, they will let you know.


There is no other word for it, the BBC are blackmailing you into submission. Their sex crimes and indeed anti-British rhetoric marches on without regard for those who pay them – you! Moreover, they force you to pay for the brainwashing and force you to agree with them on everything they post. Thus, they are a fascist organisation like the left-wingers who back them to the hilt.

To Sum Up

Finally, you have a choice, pay them and consent to all they are doing or withdraw your support. Indeed, you can scrap the BBC altogether, turn them off and you will feel good after a short time. Of course, many people already have and will continue until the only people left are sheeple. In other words, those that follow the BBC blindly and without question.

Link to the article that indeed gave us this BBC Blackmails British Public article.

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