BBC Fears French Right-Wing

BBC Fears French Right-Wing

To begin with, the BBC is a well known loony left-wing organisation. With this in mind, they can’t balance what they broadcast in line with their toilet paper policy. Obviously, they hate Brexit, they have made their feelings about Donald Trump public too. However, now they are expressing their concerns about the right-wing in France.

France Needs To Catch Up

The silent majority throughout Europe are indeed waking up. However, France is slow with their awakening. But things are changing over the Channel. With this in mind, the BBC decide to let us know about it – shock bloody horror! Keep in mind that its not the people’s fault, indeed it is the fault of the infected media. Wherever there is press, radio or television, you will see evidence of a left-wing agenda. So, they are to blame. Be that as it may, people are waking up. Albeit a little slower in France, but it will happen.

In effect, the only way to see a right-wing slant is on social media and websites like Anti-BBC. That is not to say that anyone here is right-wing. We just want to do the job of the BBC and that is to balance things out. For example, where the BBC promote filth, we will expose it. Likewise, where the BBC want to show their left-wing agenda, we will be here to balance that too. This is because they can’t.

Poor BBC On The Retreat

With more and more people waking up to the BBC’s anti-British agenda, the BBC are retreating. They already have a massive black hole as people withdraw their support and this will continue. However, they will not go out with a whimper. Furthermore, as with fascists on the retreat they will destroy more and more as they go.

To Sum Up

Finally, it is not up to the BBC to mess about with another country. Their job is to entertain, educate (not brainwash) and report facts. Indeed, this article twists the facts and gives the message that something nasty is happening in France. Their article calls the right-wingers, cyber-patriots, but how else can patriotic French have a say? Obviously, a left-wing infested media doesn’t allow for this. However, we have a message for the BBC fascists, Vive La France!

Link to the article that was the source for this BBC Fears French Right-Wing article.

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