BBC Helps Rewrite Cinderella

BBC Helps Rewrite Cinderella

The BBC’s attempt at helping to rewrite Cinderella is indeed a prime example of the state of this country today. If this is not one of the most saddest things you have witnessed from the BBC, then what is?

Feminist Brainwashing

To begin with, the BBC’s 100 Women season continues with Jeanette Winterson and her attempt to brainwash out children. Firstly, we all know the story of Cinderella. But, for the feminists and loony lefties, the story needs modification!

In the video we see Winterson visiting a primary school in the Cotswolds to discuss Cinderella with schoolchildren. Indeed, you can see how the brainwashing goes and you can’t help feeling sorry for the children. In fact, there may be a case here for the parents to sue. This is because, what is being taught is not correct. Indeed, if we allow this, then what other stories will these idiots come back to change?

Indeed, you can’t help but cringe when you see this video. It has to be one of the most disgusting things that the BBC has allowed, but it shows then for what they are. Moreover, what else are they doing that we can’t see. Of course, the BBC are not the best ones to set loose on our children are they? And yes, we will unashamedly remind people of the sex crimes at the BBC.

Stop The Brainwashing Of Our Kids

Just how the BBC got away with this unholy brainwashing of our kids is beyond the comprehension of most sane people. Indeed, we call for them to stop this right now! What this video shows is a complete disregard for our developing children. The story of Cinderella exists, obviously we should allow parents if they want the story to be told to them. Indeed, there is no need to modify Cinderella at the schools, they just need to bin it if they like and tell other stories. However, by using a common everyday story, they can use it as a brainwashing weapon.

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BBC Helps Rewrite Cinderella

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