BBC Identifying Labour With Anti-Semitism

BBC identifying Labour With Anti-Semitism

Firstly, with the Labour Party pandering up to those who are obviously anti-Semitic, they may have a headache soon. But will the BBC acknowledge things? However, the Labour Party say they have no issue with anti-Semitism in their ranks. This comes after three Labour councillors were suspended because of their anti-Israel actions. Nottingham councillor Ilyas Aziz and ex-Blackburn mayor Salim Mulla both allegedly shared a post which suggests the state of Israel should be relocated to the US. Mr Hussain, who represents Burnley’s Daneshouse with Stoneyholme ward was also suspended after his comments too.

Jeremy Corbyn says an independent review into anti-Semitism will take place. He also pledged to clamp down on other forms of racism in an attempt to put a lid on the furore. A party spokesman indeed says there was a suspension order on all three councillors.

Will the left-leaning BBC report the truth as it is or not? Obviously, they will not want to harm the dear old Labour Party will they? However, we don’t believe that the Labour Party will get to grips with the anti-Semitism in their ranks. The problems they have on that score are many fold, and without doubt will not go away. So, when the problems become apparent, don’t expect this to be a small affair.

Indeed, there will come a time when the BBC will not be able to ignore it. But for now, its just a passing comment. The fact that the BBC is not exactly a Corbyn fan is neither here nor there – he is Labour full stop. The BBC are quick to point out racism or religious intolerance, why are they not making an issue here? Sure, they have made reports about these councillors, but its the bigger picture that counts.

Finally, read all about the suspension of the Labour councillors here.

BBC Identifying Labour With Anti-Semitism.
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