BBC Look North’s Danny Carpenter Suspended

BBC Look North’s Danny Carpenter Suspended.

Firstly, we know the BBC are a left-leaning organisation that we pay for through our television licence fee. But, do they have to make it so obvious! However, form time to time the BBC have to act on the odd employee and they have here. Danny Carpenter allegedly accused the Tories of being ‘cynical, vicious, racist and xenophobic’. So, he has been suspended until the BBC carry out an investigation. Obviously, on occasions, the BBC have to make an example to show some face!


While Carpenter has been a presenter of Look North for 20 years, maybe he thinks he has the right to go on a left-wing rant. Moreover, maybe he thinks he can get away with it. If he got away with it, then the rest of the loony idiots would follow. Indeed, earlier this month he wrote: ‘Now let’s see the Labour Party grow some proper balls and unite in the lobbies to vote out every cynical, vicious, racist and xenophobic piece of legislation these new Nazis propose’.

Obviously There Is The Response

In reply, Tory MP Nigel Adams says, ‘it does nothing to heal the preconceptions about BBC bias that many in politics have.’ Obviously, someone should mention this to the BBC – as if they didn’t already know! Also, the BBC knows how the British people feel about their filthy anti-British stance. But, will they do anything about it? Obviously the Beeb can’t because of the loony infestation. However, the BBC still march on with their agenda, albeit with a few suspensions now and again.

A BBC spokesman says, ‘we have spoken to the member of staff and we are continuing to investigate.’ Is that so, well maybe the BBC should investigate many others too.

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