BBC Pension Black Hole

BBC Pension Black Hole

Firstly, the news that the BBC has a £1.9bn pension black hole is alarming to say the least. Not content with serving up a recipe of sex crimes and left-wing lunacy but they mismanage money too. But will we have to pay for their mistakes? Indeed, the British have had to endure the painful exposure of the paedophiles at the BBC. Obviously, licence payers’ money was feeding them people courtesy of the Beeb. The British are suffering embarrassment too while the BBC continue to bombard the world with anti-Trump rubbish. Obviously, their political correctness is another export of the BBC too, all paid for by us.

Continual Support

Many of those retirees from the BBC have done their bit to get the BBC in this position. Furthermore, they are getting a massive pension too. Its really quite alarming to think that many of those retirees will have connections to Jimmy Savile. The BBC will pay one tenth of licence payers money towards their pension black hole next year. Indeed, the cost of the BBC’s pathetic anti-British empire building comes down to us. Yes, the sex crimes, the brainwashing and the political correctness are all paid for by the British public. Now, the BBC’s mismanagement of pensions are also going to cost us. Thanks BBC, you have been a prime example of everything we never wanted to pay for.

The BBC say they are no different to many organisations in having a deficit in its pension scheme caused by external market factors. But what was their excuses for the other rubbish they gave us?

Withdrawing Your Support

Indeed, you can withdraw your support for all the above by getting rid of your TV licence. However, there are implications. But after a while you will feel a lot better. Obviously, you will not be supporting the retirees – ah!

Link to the source of the article that inspired this BBC Pension Black Hole post.

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