BBC Places Muslim Woman As Head Of Religious Shows

BBC Places Muslim Woman As Head Of Religious Shows

Firstly, we need to remember that Britain is a Christian country. However, the fact is that many people are turning away from the church. And, of course, many British people are beginning to say they are not religious. Obviously, the reasons behind this trend is many fold which we need not go into right now. But, try telling them to give up Christmas or Easter!

Secondly, we need to remind people that the BBC is a left-wing, pathetic brainwashing machine. Indeed, the Beeb panders up to anything anti-British. So, its not surprising that they want to capitalise on the decline of the Christian church.

The News

Now, for the news that the BBC have put a Muslim in charge of religious television shows. Fatima Salaria is now responsible for all the BBC’s religious content, including Songs of Praise. In fact,  Salaria replaces Aaqil Ahmed who was in that position for 7 years.

Disproportionate Appointment

Muslims make up a small minority of the British public making up less than 5% of the population. So, this appointment is totally disproportionate, even by their own disgusting standards. Obviously, there was a 1 in 20 chance of this happening with the above figures. However, the chances of two Muslims becoming head of religion at the BBC in succession are 1 in 400. But, reading this article, it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Salaria was on the receiving end of much criticism when she gave an ISIS supporter a platform on the BBC. Muslims Like Us is a BBC production where 10 Muslims share a house in a reality, Big Brother type show. However, one guest was a convicted fraudster, Abdul Haqq, a Muslim convert born Anthony Small. He was also a member of hate preacher Anjem Choudray’s inner circle. So, this is what you are paying for with your television licence money.


Indeed, the BBC is supposed to balance everything. But they don’t. Obviously, the balance comes from social media and websites such as ours, Anti-BBC. With this in mind, the BBC hates the internet. However, they march on with their agenda regardless. Indeed, like every other product that you buy, you need to decide if it matches your requirements. Obviously, you can withdraw your support for the BBC at any time.

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