BBC spent £5,000 towards holiday for couple

BBC spent £5,000 towards holiday for couple so they could get away to South Africa. The full cost of this could be as much as 34 TV licenses. Miss Okonedo, star of Undercover, a major new BBC1 police drama was given the luxury holiday free. Apparently, the BBC gave her the holiday so she could meet up with her mystery boyfriend in Johannesburg. Then it flew them both back. This was obviously at the licence payers’ expense.

Of course, there was a whimper form a few who were concerned. This is because of the austerity cuts and the fact that the BBC has a massive black hole. Indeed, the BBC has cut its sports budget recently too.

In view of the cuts we are all suffering, the BBC justifies its move. Indeed, they are saying it can give these super perks when the need arises. Also, The BBC refused a Freedom of Information Act request for details of its spending on the family members and partners of other actors, citing ‘commercial confidentiality’. Er, isn’t freedom of information there to account for our money?

Link to the Daily Mail article.

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