Debate To Scrap TV Licence

Debate To Scrap TV Licence

To begin with, in 2015/16 the BBC took a whopping £3.74 billion from licence fee payments. All this money goes into the left-wing BBC to promote brainwashing on a subtle, but massive scale. Indeed, they force you to pay the licence fee whether you watch the BBC or not.

MP’s To Debate

Soon, MP’s will have a debate on whether to abolish the TV licence fee. Indeed, there are calls to scrap the mandatory fee of £145.50 per household per year. Moreover, people think that it is a disgrace that the BBC should force people to pay up. Even worse when you consider that the BBC could have you in prison for not paying.

However, even if we manage to abolish the television licence, the organisation would still go on. This is because the infrastructure is in place to allow the left-wingers to continue to brainwash the British. Indeed, getting rid of the license is important. But, so is cleaning up all our broadcasters and their anti-British bias. Of course, even if we started now it would take a generation to appoint the right sort of people.

We Can’t See It Happening

Indeed, we would like to see the scrapping of the BBC’s crippling brainwashing tax, we can’t see it happening. This is because it rakes in far too much money. Then, the loonies will fear losing one of the biggest weapons they have against the British. However, the BBC television licence is one of the most crippling, if not criminal taxes we have ever saw. We might get rid of this filthy tax but what will we have in its place? Should they indeed scrap the licence fee than we need to ensure the right people are in place. But, not only at the BBC or its replacement if any, but in all the media.

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