Ex BBC Chief says the British are ghastly

Ex BBC Chief says the British are ghastly.

To begin with, how can someone at any level claim the British are ‘ghastly’? However, a leaked email by former BBC editor has opened a can of worms. But its something we all knew anyway. Obviously, the Brexit vote has got right to their nerves.

Britain are ‘ignored and despised’ by the metropolitan elite because they do not embrace their liberal views, an ex-BBC editor has admitted. David Cowling, former head of the BBC’s political research unit says the metropolitan political class was said to be ‘completely bewildered’ about how to respond to the concerns of ‘ghastly’ ordinary people. Indeed, he goes on, sensitive subjects that worried households were barely acknowledged by the political class.

As if this is not plain to see for Heaven’s sake! Those ‘ghastly’ British people will never forget anything in reality. Those same ghastly British people will remember the crimes committed by the police, the BBC and the politicians. They have themselves to blame when the British wake up from the dictatorial tyranny.

So there you have it, while we pay the wages of these idiots, they really despise the British. Obviously, this is just one leaked email by one ex BBC employee. However, google exposes so many more of these weak liberals who protect themselves using anti-British law.

Scrap The BBC Licence!

With each passing day, it becomes more and more clearer that the BBC has got out of hand. Indeed, you do not need the BBC and its left-wing views and anti-British stance. With this in mind, save yourself some money and scrap the BBC’s TV licence immediately. Honestly, you will never look back after a few weeks.

Finally, the link for this Ex BBC Chief says the British are ghastly article. Just to point out that should you not like name calling, why not add a post here at the Anti-BBC Blog. Indeed, go one further and post on the Anti-BBC Forum too.

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