Fetish BBC

Fetish BBC

Now that the BBC is accepting democracy and they have no choice but to accept Donald Trump as President. However, expect the good old BBC to knock him at every chance they can. Indeed, they have already analysed his body language. In fact, they have a fetish at the moment with his hands. Moreover, they are saying he has tiny fingers. So, out the window goes their equality policy on disability.

Disgusting BBC

In the first place, the BBC have should prevent a violation of human dignity. However, Donald Trump is not the flavour of the month with the BBC. But, does this mean they can highlight certain aspects of another human? Of course it doesn’t, but this is what the BBC have to offer us:

Firstly, there is that ‘mane of curiously-coloured hair’. Secondly, there is the ‘expressive mouth that seems to have a life of its own’. Thirdly, he has ‘tiny fingers’. The BBC continue to negatively assess in this way and even point out that Trump has a gold pen! In reality, the BBC is showing the world what an immature looking biased broadcasting company they are. As British subjects, we all should blush with embarrassment at the BBC.

Hypocritical BBC

Just to point out that, we probably all know someone who is not perfect. So, to redress the balance, lets look at some offerings that the BBC give us.

Fetish BBC - Gary O’Donoghue - wonky eye

Indeed, they have Gary O’Donoghue.

Fetish BBC - Katherine Downes wonky eye

Of course they have Katherine Downes

Then there is the obvious Evil Monster

BBC fetish - evil paedophile Jimmy Savile - young girls

To Sum Up

Finally, how very dare the BBC pull someone down according to their looks! If they want perfection in people, they certainly need to look at their own presenters first. But then again, how can they ever call sex fiends after their history too. Indeed, the BBC should act with dignity. Obviously, they don’t accept democracy too. This is because the American people voted fairly and squarely to elect Donald Trump. However, the left-wing BBC disapprove of him and will take every opportunity to knock him. Even if this means swooping so low as to knock the odd imperfection of another human being.

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