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Anti BBC - Auntie Beeb Bias

To begin with, people are turning away from the BBC in massive numbers because of their anti-British stance.

The BBC has a clear left-wing bias and therefore, according to their own charter, they must balance things. Obviously, most BBC reporters and presenters are politically to the left. Therefore, all we get is a view of the world from the BBC which comes from the left of the political scale. In other words, there is not enough balance and that is an under-statement.

Now then, the left-wing biased BBC is not the only concern. In fact, their disproportionate type of reporting goes deeper than political. For example, they lick up to Muslims in fear of offending them while crucifying Christians. The list goes on but while the BBC refuses to give a balance, we will.

With this in mind, our Anti BBC website gives you a platform to tell us all about their bias and anti-British stance. However, please ensure you stick by the rules of the board. Above all, stay legal, because these people can and will punish you for speaking your mind. In other words, freedom of speech doesn't really exist.

The Anti BBC website will remain until such a time that the BBC does give a 50/50 view of all that they broadcast. Alternatively, when the BBC licence fee no longer exists, we will reconsider things. To sum up, we do not agree that the BBC should FORCE us to pay for brainwashing.

Obviously, the Anti BBC is a website that is not against Auntie Beeb in principle. On the contrary, we love the idea of the BBC. However, from its humble days in the beginning, the corporation has been steadily evolving into a monster. So much so that many people are turning their backs on the broadcaster. This is because the BBC panders up to all things anti-British and has become unrecognisable to many people. For example, their pro-Muslim stance means they are guilty of neglecting the rest of us. In particular, Christians.

Indeed, should you have a story that exposes the BBC in all its inglorious endeavours, let us know. Indeed, we welcome you to register with us and have your say. Not only will you be doing us all a service, but you can help to keep the BBC in check.

However, if you think that the BBC has got it right somewhere, tell us this too.

To Sum Up

While we have exposed the left-wing bias of the BBC, this does not mean we are right-wing! Indeed, we highlight the BBC's pandering up to minority groups, but this does not make us discriminatory. On the contrary, we are merely highlighting these things. This is because the BBC charter says they will balance all their reporting. In order to balance left-wing bias they should show some right-wing bias, but they can't. In the first place, there is nobody at the BBC who can balance this sort of bias.

So, the Anti BBC website remains neutral. However, it may appear that this website has its own agenda or bias. Nothing could be further from the truth, we are basically balancing things like the BBC should. Now then, if we balance things up here, just what exactly is the BBC doing? Well, they are not doing what they are supposed to do, and that is to balance their reporting! This is obviously where the Anti BBC website steps in.

Finally, welcome to all old and new members alike. Since we have changed to a new domain and server, we decided to start anew. So, you will need to register again. But we hope that you do and continue as we left off.