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Without a doubt, the bias that oozes from the BBC spews out in a way that has upset many people. Indeed, it is not a secret that most journalists and reporters have left-wing views. Moreover, they allow their politically sick views to show. Also, should any reporter or journalist speak from a right-wing perspective, they won't become prominent in the media. In other words, you will mainly see a left-wing agenda from most media sources. Likewise, the BBC is no different. Of course, their charter says that they must balance everything they put out. However, to balance a left-wing view, this would mean giving a right-wing view too, but this rarely happens. So, the result is a left-wing BBC which they force you to pay for!

Similarly, the BBC panders up to the politically correct brigade and so the brainwashing continues in most of their reporting. Obviously, their pro-Muslim agenda is also a worry too. The UK is a Christian country but the BBC seems to forget this. Indeed, it is sickening how the BBC rarely promote Christianity while their promotion of Islam is highly disproportionate.

Therefore, these Anti BBC forums are a place to expose the bias that the BBC broadcasts. Indeed, many people say that the BBC is anti-British. So, with this in mind, we intend to allow people to balance the BBC bias here.
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