Here Is The BBC Snooze

Here Is The BBC Snooze

If you work in industry, say a factory, and fell asleep on the job, you would indeed get the sack. However, many of the night-shift workers at the BBC Broadcasting House, London, cat-nap regularly. Moreover, this is the headquarters of the BBC where the news comes from. In the first place, the BBC force people to pay a £147 licence fee. While the licence payers want value for money, this is what they get. But are those workers sleeping on our time or their official breaks?

The whistle-blower is a worker at the BBC who says it is difficult to work while others are snoring. Furthermore, the angry work colleague took pictures of the sleepers as a joke but its not funny now. Obviously, BBC television licence payers don’t find it funny either.

Here Is The BBC Snooze - staff sleeping on the job

The BBC Says

In reply, the BBC said: “This is a misleading story about people working a long night shift. When they take a break, whether they walk around the block, go for a cup of tea or just simply rest, that’s surely up to them.”

While we agree in a way with the BBC that people can have a snooze in their breaks, it doesn’t look nice. In fact, we need more convincing. Surely they have better places to rest than close to other BBC staff?

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