We know where the BBC stands on the US election

We know where the BBC stands on the US election Obviously, we all know that the BBC is a left-wing brainwashing organisation. It matters not what your political view is, the BBC should not show its colours – period! Indeed, they should be neutral and unbiased, but they can’t be. … Continue reading

Jasmine Lawrence Bias Gets Her In Trouble

Jasmine Lawrence Bias Gets Her In Trouble Indeed, Jasmine Lawrence is an assistant manager on the BBC News Channel. However, on Twitter, she made comments that got her taken off the elections. Whether she disn’t understand that the BBC has to remain impartial or not is unsure. Maybe she thought … Continue reading

No Whites For These BBC Jobs

Firstly, in this day and age where discrimination has allegedly took care of, what about this advert from the BBC? Indeed, the Beeb are basically saying that whites, need not apply. Their advert is to recruit blacks, Asians and non-white ethnic minorities. So there you have it, they don’t necessarily … Continue reading

BBC Identifying Labour With Anti-Semitism

BBC identifying Labour With Anti-Semitism Firstly, with the Labour Party pandering up to those who are obviously anti-Semitic, they may have a headache soon. But will the BBC acknowledge things? However, the Labour Party say they have no issue with anti-Semitism in their ranks. This comes after three Labour councillors … Continue reading