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Site Info at the Anti-bbc TV licence resistance group.

Indeed, this is the site info at the Anti-BBC – a BBC television licence resistance group

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About Us – indeed this page is all about the Anti-BBC website.
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Site Info

Obviously, we publish our information truthfully and without bias. In contrast, the BBC doesn’t. Of course, this is why we exist. However, its not all about the Anti-BBC staff here. Indeed, we encourage the TV licence payer to have their say. So, should you discover any nasty information about the BBC, tell us here.

Obviously, you can post here without logging in by using the ‘Submit A Post’ tab above. However, there are benefits when joining such as more tools to write with. Also, you see far less adverts too.

Anti-BBC chat-rooms

Did you know we also have an Anti-BBC Forum? Well, we do so head over there and post regularly. Indeed, we have a ranking system in place to encourage members to post regularly. In other words, the more you post, the higher your rank will be. Obviously, our Anti-BBC Forum covers the whole of the biased BBC. For example, we have the Anti-BBC Lounge for anything. But we also have other categories to expose this thoroughly disgusting organisation and its employees.

At this point, we must mention Jimmy Savile and co yet again. Indeed, you just can’t get away from this filthy piece of crap. But, more to the point, is the BBC employing other paedophiles? It is your duty to report the nasty things that the BBC is throwing our money at. So, post here or in our extensive Anti-BBC Forum.

Finally, Anti-BBC is our name, resisting the TV licence is our game.

Site Info at the Anti-BBC website - ban the filthy disgusting BBC - remembering the sex crimes from the paedophiles

Indeed, the BBC were responsible for allowing many sex crimes, some live on TV!

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