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Indeed, this is the About Us page for the Anti-BBC website

To begin with, the Anti-BBC website is all about fairness. Indeed, the Anti BBC website exists because the BBC isn’t fair. We all deserve better from, what is in effect, a British Brainwashing Corporation. Furthermore, they force you to pay for it!

BBC’s Mission

So, let us have a look at some points that most people notice. The mission of the BBC is allegedly to act in the public interest, but it doesn’t do that. Indeed, they have another agenda. Besides, how can they be acting in the public interest if so many people are not happy with them? The BBC must also be independent in all matters allegedly. However, we all know their influence comes from many sources. With this in mind, the BBC can’t be ‘independent’. So, the Anti-BBC website will highlight these things for balance.

Non-Political BBC?

Auntie Beeb should not be political with it’s own views, but the corporation has an infestation of left-wingers. Moreover, they have a free hand in peddling their views, opinions and general filth. For example, has anyone ever seen any BBC reporter or journalist showing a right-wing view? Obviously this will not happen on a left-wing organisation. Should any BBC employee dare show a right-wing view, their career would be over very soon after. So, how can anyone get a balanced view from an organisation that leans to the left? Obviously, where it can’t, we will.

Balanced BBC?

And that is the whole point. The BBC allegedly must give a balanced view of everything but the corporation has evolved into a massive brainwashing monster. Indeed, there are subliminal messages on many of their programmes, including the news. Of course the news should be all about facts of recent events that most people have an interest in. However, if the BBC can add their left-wing view to the news, they will. Obviously, the BBC is sly and this is all done subtly. But the Anti BBC website will expose matters. That is not to say we are right-wing, only that we will highlight their inability to balance things.

But that’s not all, the BBC panders up minority interests and then play on the conscience of the majority. Indeed, if you allow the BBC to corrupt your mind, you will find yourself crying on a daily basis. Since when did you give them permission to do this? Obviously, all people want is entertainment, proper education and factual unbiased news? So, when the BBC leaves the majority in an emotional state, we will be here to help vent the frustration.

About Us – To Sum Up

Now that you know what we are all about here at the Anti BBC website, join in with us. Indeed, you are here for a reason, so why not let us know. Obviously, you may join our website as there are a few more benefits when you do. However, you can post items here without joining. In order to do this, click on the Submit A Post on the top of any page.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your stay here at the Anti BBC Blogs. However, we also have the Anti BBC Forum, where we have an active community for all. Unlike the BBC we do not discriminate. Therefore, pop over to the Anti BBC message boards and post about absolutely anything legal as often as possible. Indeed, bookmark us and come back often.

About us - Anti-BBC - TV licence resistance group - Jimmy Savile paedophile was paid by us

Indeed, we paid wages via the BBC to Jimmy Savile while he molested children

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