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You may also submit a post at the Anti-BBC website. Indeed, you do not have to join. However, please see the guidelines below.

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Indeed, anyone may submit a post at the Anti-BBC website. In fact, you do not even need to register either. However, by becoming a member you have access to better writing tools. This is because the form above offers only basic tools. But, as long as you have something to post about the BBC, then it should be fine. Moreover, registering at the Anti-BBC websites has other benefits. For example, members who log in can view the website with 75% less adverts. Of course, the website is a lot faster for members too.

Likewise, there are benefits when you join the Anti-BBC Forum too. So, chill out, relax and have fun as we don’t want to be serious all the time. Of course, the BBC is full of bias and they leaning to the left on the political scale. So, we need to be serious sometimes in order to balance things. Moreover,we will never forget the horrendous sex crimes at the BBC. Obviously, with the Jimmy Savile affair and the other BBC employees committing horrible sex crimes, being serious is normal.

How To Post

Obviously, you will want to post something about the BBC that is factual. We also allow opinions as long as you stay legal. After all, the BBC give opinions! So, fill in the above form – it is self-explanatory. However, in order to fulfil our requirements, you need to make your post over 200 words in length. Obviously, your posts will remain as they are. Indeed, they are all your responsibility. so ensure you stay legal!

To Sum Up

By all mean register, but you don’t have to. Again, be serious, but you don’t have to be. Indeed, the Anti-BBC website is a BBC TV licence resistance pressure group. In effect, we will not stop until the BBC becomes a stable operation while balancing what they broadcast. Finally, we encourage people to come back regularly. This is because to do or say nothing means you consent. So, do you really want to be guilty as the BBC?

submit a post - tell us about the loony left-wing BBC

Indeed, you may do here what the BBC refuses to do – post the truth and facts.

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